How is The Ring Made?

Have you ever been curious about how the ring is created? How do jewelers join all the different materials to create a ring that lasts for a lifetime? Here, we will show you the behind-the-scene process for one of the popular methods to create a ring. This process usually includes three stages: initial idea & sketch, developing 3D model, and handcraft.

Initial idea & sketch

- Get inspiration and ideas from the world. That can be from books, things in life, and the internet.

- Estimate the cost, complexity, and time to create each ring.

- Creating initial sketch, and refined into a technical drawing with detailed specification of each part.

The initial design stage starts with a rough idea and sketch. The inspiration and concept can be from things in life, books, the internet, or imagination. Once the theme is set, we will begin with the initial sketch and refine it into a technical drawing with detailed specifications of each part. Also, we need to estimate the cost, complexity, and time to create this piece during this step.

Develop a 3D model & print the masterpiece

- Combine the modern technology 3D computer aid design software to create the final model.

- After the 3D model is ready, we print it into a wax model using a 3D print machine to create a masterpiece.

After the initial drawing is done, we leverage modern technology to create a masterpiece using 3D computer aid design software. The software allows us to build the piece into a 3-dimension object; we can then observe the ring from different angles to make sure it is perfect! It depends on the complexity of the ring; it sometimes takes hours for us to complete modeling a ring from scratch.

Once the 3D model is ready, a 3D wax printer is turned on to print the model we create; depending on the volume and complexity of the ring, the printer may take up to 48 hours to finish printing. The printed wax model is highly delicate; we need to handle it with extra care.


- Cast the 3D wax into metal & create a rubber mold using the masterpiece.

- Polish the ring and gem setting if needed.

- Quality check & inspection.

The 3D printed piece will then get attached to a casting tree and sent to casting; this is where the wax will be melted away and replaced with metal. The piece that comes out from casting has a rough surface; it will then send to polish. After all the work is done, we will carefully inspect the ring to ensure the metal surface have perfectly mirror finished.

Ring Made Process