At Bellisa, our primary goal is to create fine jewelry that stands the test of time. Our pieces are crafted to last forever. By providing your jewelry with proper care and a little extra love, you can ensure that it continues to radiate its brilliance as if it were freshly created.

Prior to packaging each piece, we carefully inspect it, ensuring it is flawlessly shiny and free of scratches. However, it is important to note that your jewelry may gradually lose its shine under normal wear and develop minor scratches. This is a natural occurrence when you wear it frequently. We have compiled a simple and handy reference list to assist you in caring for your jewelry.

- When not wearing your jewelry, store it in the Bellisa jewelry box. This simple tip is often overlooked but incredibly effective in maintaining the quality of your jewelry. Exposure to moisture and oxygen can expedite oxidation and cause a gradual loss of shine.

*Please note: Natural gemstones have varying hardness levels, requiring extra care when wearing and storing to ensure their long-term protection.

- Regularly give your jewelry a warm bath. Gently clean your jewelry at home using warm water, mild soap, and a soft brush. After washing, lightly pat it dry and store it in the jewelry box. This method effectively removes debris and oil from the surfaces and crevices of your jewelry. Remember to close the sink to prevent accidentally dropping your jewelry into the sink while bathing them.

- Remove your jewelry when engaging in heavy work, such as weightlifting, dishwashing, gardening, and strenuous activities. This precautionary measure helps prevent scratches on the metal surface and minimizes the risk of chipping gemstones. Additionally, it is advisable to keep your jewelry away from chemicals to maintain its luster and integrity.

- Wear your jewelry on last. Chemical and oil from makeup, lotion, perfume, and hair product will dull their shine.

- Bellisa Dry Polish Cloth: Over time, it's natural for your jewelry to gradually lose its shine, especially with frequent wear. However, there's no need to worry! You can quickly restore its brilliance using our Bellisa Dry Polish Cloth. Gently rub and buff your jewelry with the cloth to bring back its shine. *polish cloth use dry only.

Get help from professionals.
If you wish to give your jewelry a thorough cleaning or surface repolishing, you can trust us as professionals. We provide complimentary one-year professional ultrasonic cleaning and surface repolishing for all our gold jewelry. To proceed, please contact us for further instructions. Kindly note that the customer is responsible for covering the shipping costs.