Solid Gold Collection
Solid Gold: 10/14k gold is one of the precious metals that are least reactive to other substances and will not discolor. It is an alloy mixture of pure gold and other metals to increase strength, durability, and color. All our jewellery are created without any chemical plating. We do it this way to ensure that all our jewellery is shown in its natural form and sustainable to the environment. 
Bellisa Dry Polish Cloth: Over time, your jewellery will slowly lose its shines; it is completely normal when you wear it often. However, don’t worry! You can simply clean it with our dry clean polish cloth to bring the shine back, gently rub and buff your jewellery with the cloth.
Professional Solid Gold Jewellery Maintenance: You can also send the jewellery back to us, we offer free one year professional ultrasonic cleaning and surface repolishing. Kindly note, please contact us before sending the jewellery back. *The customer is responsible for shipping both ways.

Natural Gemstones: We love colorful gemstones, and it is what we are all about! All our gemstones are ethically-sourced with fairness and equality. We ensure each gemstone is authentic and will hold its longevity, rarity, and value for life. Gemstones we use sapphire, tourmaline, aquamarine, blue London topaz, opal, tsavorites, morganite & more.
*Please note: due to the characteristic of natural gemstones, the hardness of each varies; therefore, natural gemstones require much more care when wearing and storing to protect them long-term.

Natural Diamonds: Diamonds stand for love and purity. They are extremely hard and durable compare to other gemstones. Diamonds are rated based on the qualities of cut, carat weight, clarity, and color. All diamonds we use are ethically sourced with conflict-free and socially responsible practices.

Moissanite Diamonds: Moissanite is a laboratory-created stone that offers characteristics similar to natural diamond. The hardness, brilliance, durability, and color of both gemstones are closely similar. And you always get a bigger stone with less spend.