Crafted for the Future: Ethical, Sustainable, and Handmade Fine Jewellery

Bellisa is an e-commerce fine jewelry brand that creates unique pieces with eternal heirloom designs to witness love moments in the lifelong journey. Each piece is birthed in the heart of Toronto, employing ethically sourced gemstones and solid gold; forged with ardent hands that imbue our sincerest wishes and affection.

Our main aspiration is to ensure that every piece we craft holds its value and that our customers feel the confidence to choose Bellisa. All gemstones we use on our jewellery are carefully selected and inspected by our team and pass the certification test in the appraisal laboratory. Continue to read more about: Why choose Bellisa?


Since my formative years, I have ardently indulged in creating vibrant paintings, diligently capturing the resplendence of the world around me. With unwavering support and encouragement from my beloved kin, I chose the field I felt most passionate about – Fine Jewellery; and as a jewellery designer & jeweller I established this brand to curate a treasure trove with shiny pieces befitting every elegant lady.

Bellisa is more than just a brand; it's where we spread our love to the world. From designing to creating every piece of jewellery, from packaging to sending out each order, and receiving and answering every concern, our goal is always the same; gift our warmest love and deepest wishes to everyone who encounters us. We dedicate ourselves to creating handcrafted jewellery tailored for every moment that graces our lifelong odyssey and commemorates these extraordinary milestones.

Love & Memories.

Bellisa Team