Our fine jewelry is created to last forever, and it is our primary goal with Bellisa. With proper care and a little extra love, your jewellery will keep shining like it's just been freshly created.

Before we wrap each piece together, we always make sure the surface is perfectly shiny and free of any scratches. Under normal wear, your jewellery will slowly lose its shine, and scratches will start to build up. This is completely normal when you wear it often. So, we made a simple list for you to reference when it comes to care.

- Store your jewelry in the bellisa jewellery box when not worn. It seems like an obvious tip, but it’s often the most effective way to take care of the jewellery. Exposure to moisture and oxygen will accelerate the oxidization and make it slowly lose its shine.

*Please note: due to the characteristic of natural gemstones, the hardness of each varies; therefore, natural gemstones require much more care when wearing and storing to protect them long-term.

- Give your gold jewellery a regular warm bath. Warm water, mild soap, and a soft brush is the best jewellery cleaning method you can use regularly at home to take care of and clean your jewellery. Lightly pat dry and store it in the jewellery box after bathing it. This will ensure all the debris and oil are removed from the surfaces and gaps. *Don’t forget to close the sink when bathing them, this will prevent dropping the jewellery into the sink..

- Take it off when doing heavy work. Especially when working out, weight lifting, washing dishes and gardening etc. It will prevent the scratches form on the metal surface and stone from being chipped. Also, remember to try to keep them away from chemicals.

- Wear your jewellery on last. Chemical and oil from makeup, lotion, perfume, and hair product will dull their shine.

- Bellisa Dry Polish Cloth: Over time, your jewellery will slowly lose its shines; it is completely normal when you wear it often. However, don’t worry! You can simply clean it with our dry clean polish cloth to bring the shine back, gently rub and buff your jewellery with the cloth.

Get help from the professionals
If you would like to have a deep clean/surface repolish for your jewellery, we are the professionals you can trust! We offer free one year professional ultrasonic cleaning and surface repolishing for all our gold jewelry. Simply contact us about the next step. *The customer is responsible for shipping both ways.