Bellisa Jewellery proudly provides professional jewelry appraisals for our engagement rings & wedding bands. To guarantee the expertise and authenticity of the appraisal results, we have carefully selected certified laboratories endorsed by Team Bellisa. These independent laboratories are locally owned Canadian businesses, and each appraiser is a licensed jewelry appraiser in Canada with extensive experience in the industry.

Laboratory List:
- Accurate Gemological Laboratories *primary appraiser
- Canadian Gemological Identification Labs

Each laboratory is independently owned by a local Canadian business. Each appraiser is a licensed jewellery appraiser in Canada with years of experience in the jewellery appraisal industry.


 Accurate Gemological Laboratories: Since it was established in 2005, AGL has been providing fair, reliable, and accurate diamond grading reports and jewelry-appraisal services to insurance companies, law firms, government agencies, jewelry retailers, and public customers.


 Canadian Gemological Identification Labs: Our goal is to not only accurately identify and evaluate unknown gemstones and their many possible treatments, but also to help make the entire jewellery buying process more informative and stress free. But, our most important win is making you a happy, life-long customer.

Appraisal will be made depends on availability of the laboratories.