September Birthstone - Sapphire

Sapphire, the birthstone of September, is the stone that represents loyalty, sincerity, and faithfulness for years. As one of the four most popular precious gemstones globally (ruby, emerald, and diamond), sapphire holds its popularity and price due to its beauty, durability, and versatility. And we all know how much the Royal family is obsessed with blue sapphires.

Back to the fundamental, did you know that ruby and sapphire are under the same gemstone family - Corundum. Both gemstones share the same composition and even the same mineral structure. On the Mohs scale (a scale of hardness used in classifying minerals, ranges between 1-10), sapphire ranks nine just after the diamond, which scores a 10. It means sapphire can be used as an alternative gemstone for an engagement ring; it is hard and durable enough for everyday wear.

Generally, when we say sapphire, we refer to blue sapphire and deep blue/royal blue sapphire has held the highest value and rarity. Natural sapphire also comes in various colors; we call them fancy sapphires. Fancy sapphire is found in any color other than blue, and the color can be: pink, padparadscha(mix of pink & orange), yellow, green, purple, violet, colorless, and color-change.

That being said, color-change sapphires have their magical appearance; they change color under the different light sources. They can be blue-violet in daylight or transform to red/reddish violet under artificial light. And some of them show different shades of blue depending on the light source.

Even though sapphire is a durable gemstone, we would still need to take care of them properly. We can clean it regularly at home with warm water, mild soap, and a soft brush. Once cleaned, lightly pat dry and store them in the jewellery box. For more jewellery care tips, read here.

We love sapphire because it represents royalty and has a connection to romance & love; that is why it is often used in engagement rings. With various color choices, sapphire can suit anyone’s taste with the advantage of durability and value. And now it is your turn to find your favorite piece! Explore Our Sapphire Collection

Birthstone Sapphire