7 Tips For Buying Engagement Rings

➴Considering your loved one’s unique taste.

An engagement ring is one of the most important purchases you could make in your life. It is important to have an idea of what your other half’s taste is before searching for one. This involves what shape the stone is, how big it is(carat), and what type of gemstone.

Natural diamond is the most trending stone for centuries. But, the price point for a high-quality natural diamond engagement ring is costly. If you are looking for a diamond alternative engagement ring, there are plenty of options available in the market. Lab-grown diamond and moissanite are two types of stones that share a very similar look to a natural diamond, and the cost is much lower.

If your significant other has a more unique taste rather than a traditional white diamond. Getting a natural color gemstone engagement ring can be another option. These alternative gemstones for engagement rings include sapphire, aquamarine, morganite, ruby, emerald, etc. Natural color gemstones are unique due to their color and it is to be said there are no gemstones the same.

➴Have a clear budget.
After deciding the type of gemstone, shape, and size; then it is time to set a clear budget. A clear budget helps filter out unnecessary ones and saves time. We often ask our customers what their budget is before we recommend the designs. This ensures we have a very clear view of what will work and whatnot.

➴Plan before buying.
Most of the handmade engagement ring takes time to craft (3-6 weeks), especially for the ones that are bespoke or customized (6-8 weeks). We recommend giving yourself at least 2-3 months to do enough research and communicate with the jeweler to ensure everything works out perfectly.

➴Double-check the ring size.
One of the headaches when getting an engagement ring online is regarding the ring size. You don’t want a ring that can’t fit or one that is too big to have a rise of losing it. The correct ring size should feel snug but comfortable. We recommend measuring the correct ring size by using our size guide, Here. However, we understand accidents might still happen, so if the ring size you ordered doesn’t fit well, we offer a one-time free resizing to make it right!

➴Comparison, comparison, and comparison.
Always look into a couple of different brands, comparison help understand the advantages and benefits of what each brand offers, and more importantly the price!
When comparing the products, always look into the detail of the ring, what the price is, any warranty it comes with, what is the return and shipping policy, and what is the value proposition of the brand. This helps ensure we have an overview of what we can expect from the brand.

➴Get in touch with the brand. Ask questions.
If any questions or concerns come up in mind, don’t hesitate to contact customer service! Email, live chat, or call, get in touch with the brand will not only answer all the questions you have but also get an idea of what their customer service is and how quickly do they respond to your inquiry.

➴Always buy with certification.
The other thing that scares people from buying an engagement ring online is the trust factor. People wonders if they are getting the same product they paid for? Are they going to get scammed? So, as our recommendation always inquire to include a certification/appraisal for your engagement ring from the jeweler!

Getting a certification/appraisal for your ring is for two reasons. One, it will help you get peace of mind in knowing your ring’s value and the grade of the stone. Two, it insures your ring for its full replacement value when the accident happens. It works as proof of the value to the insurance company.