Reasons to Get a Sapphire Engagement Ring

Sapphire, the birthstone of September, is the stone that represents loyalty, sincerity, and faithfulness for years. As one of the four most popular precious gemstones globally (ruby, emerald, and diamond), sapphire holds its popularity and price due to its beauty, durability, and versatility. And we all know how much the Royal family is obsessed with blue sapphires. The ring you select feels unique and customized to match your partner's tastes. Here are the reasons to choose sapphire as your gemstone to adorn the engagement ring.

Unique Appeal

No two sapphire stones look the same. Even when they have the same color, every sapphire stone can make the engagement ring one-of-its-kind. Hence, it looks intimate and close to the heart as the relationship between you and your partner. You can choose from a rainbow of colors. Each sapphire color has a unique symbolic meaning to it. While blue remains the popular sapphire color, you can find a gemstone in other colors like white, green, pink, yellow, or black. Your bride can wear a customized piece that remains unique.

Gemstone With Meaning

The history of using sapphire in engagement rings traces long back. Royal in the older days used sapphire to get engaged to their loved ones. This gemstone symbolizes sincerity, loyalty, and faithfulness. People have used this gemstone for centuries to commit their love and fidelity to their loved ones. In medieval times, people believed sapphire symbolized their promise to stay faithful to their partner. This gemstone makes the perfect choice to express your deep commitment.

Hard Gemstone

Sapphire has the distinction of a hard gem. It can endure handles of abuse without scratching or chipping. With better care of the engagement ring, sapphire can look beautiful for a long time. You can pass down the engagement ring to the next generation.

A sapphire engagement ring seems ideal for people who wish to stand apart from others. It is perfect for a bride that sets trends instead of following them. The non-traditional engagement ring option looks unique. It is the best choice when you wish to have a bespoke wedding with out-of-the-box wedding ideas. If you are looking for one-of-a-kind sapphire rings to convey your love and commitment to your partner, check out the collections at Bellisa Jewellery. You can find a beautiful and stunning collection of natural color gemstones. Bellisa works with superior quality material to ensure each aesthetically crafted piece looks stunning. Check out the ethically handcrafted pieces to express your love in style.