Hey, Welcome to Bellisa Jewellery! And here is why to create your dream ring with us. Continue to read the three F's we promise and much more below.

Finest Quality: From our exquisite selection of gemstones to the casting and crafting of each piece, we pay careful attention to every detail. Prior to packaging, we ensure that each piece shines flawlessly. We take immense pleasure in every step of the creation process, dedicated to crafting these pieces exclusively for you.

We strive to ensure that every piece we craft retains its unique value and instills confidence in our customers' choices. Our gemstones undergo a thorough certification test before being used, and we offer jewelry appraisal services to certify their authenticity. Additionally, our solid gold jewelry is accompanied by a one-year warranty/maintenance.

Fair Price: We firmly believe every woman deserves to wear fine jewelry daily without compromise. Our sole objective is to make this goal a reality. We aim to handcraft the highest quality jewelry, delivering it directly from our hands to yours, cutting out the middlemen's cost to eliminating the need for excessive markups of up to 10 times like traditional fine jewelry.

First-Class Customer Support: Your experience with us is of utmost importance, and we are dedicated to providing exceptional support to address and assist with all your concerns. Think of us as your trusted confidant—we are here to listen and support you, just like a best friend. Feel free to reach out to us about anything you'd like to discuss. We genuinely value your feedback and cherish every opportunity to hear from you.

One-Year Warranty: one-year warranty on all wedding engagement rings & one-year maintenance on all solid gold jewelry.

One-Year Craftsmanship Warranty


  • Professional ultrasonic cleaning
  • Gemstone and/or diamond tightening
  • Small stone replacement
  • Surface refinishing

Bellisa will cover any repair or replacement fees if the issue is due to craftsmanship. Kindly note that the warranty does not cover damage to the jewelry due to improper wear, stone chips, as well as center stone loss.

One-Year Maintenance Warranty


  • Jewellery inspection
  • Professional ultrasonic cleaning
  • Jewellery repairs for the quoted price

Stress-Free One-Time Resizing:We understand that choosing the right ring size can be challenging when shopping online, but rest assured, we've got you covered! To ensure a perfect fitting ring, we offer a one-time free ring resizing service within 30 days of delivery. We want you to enjoy a stress-free experience with us, and our commitment to your satisfaction extends to providing the perfect fit for your jewelry.

Ethically Sourced and Fair-Trade Materials:At our core, fairness, and equality drive our approach to sourcing raw materials. We firmly reject any materials obtained under hazardous working conditions, child labor, unfair wages, or associated with violence. We are committed to upholding ethical standards, ensuring that every component of our jewelry is responsibly and ethically sourced.

Peace of Mind Jewelry Appraisal:We offer a certified jewelry appraisal service exclusively for our Wedding & Engagement Rings. The appraisal will be conducted by a professional jewelry appraisal laboratory based in Toronto, Canada. Please note that the appraisal will add an additional week to the dispatch time of your order.
Learn more about our comprehensive appraisal service.Here