An introduction of gemstones at Bellisa

This is an introduction blog to gemstones we love and use at Bellisa Jewellery.

If you love colorful yet unique jewellery, you are in the right place! Bellisa is all about natural color gemstones

When we think about gemstones, the name that popped up in our mind would probably be our own favorite gemstones. Despite our tastes, all gemstones are rare and naturally formed in rocks through years of progress; and are found in the earth’s crust, around 3 to 25 miles below the earth’s surface.

Gemstones come in various colors and shapes. Most commonly seen in our daily life would be white diamonds, blue sapphires, red rubies, and green emeralds. And the shape, of course, we all know about it, round brilliant, oval cut, pear cut, princess cut, and etc.

Many times, we were asked why we love gemstone so much? Here is our answer for you today.

Natural Diamonds: One of the most important gemstone within the jewellery industry, and it is the birthstone of April. The value of each diamond is measured with its clarity, cut, carat, and color; the term we call it is 4C. Compare with other gemstones, natural diamond is the hardest, most brilliant stone and it is always the first choice when comes to an engagement ring. We love diamond because it represents strength and the symbol of pure love. 

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Sapphires: Another most popular natural gemstone in the jewellery world and is the birthstone of September. Sapphire typically comes in blue color, and we all know how British Royal Family is obsessed with it. To make it special, we call it: Royal Blue Sapphire. Other than blue, nature sapphire also comes in various fancy colors, such as: yellow, purple, orange, and green; “parti sapphire” shows two or more colors. We love sapphire because it represents royalty and has a connection to romance & love, that is why it is often used in engagement rings.

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Tourmaline: World's most colorful gemstone among all others and it is the alternate birthstone of October, along with opal. It is truly the gemstone of modern times as it offers a variety of fabulous colors – sometimes several in just one stone. With say of its color, tourmaline can be crisp green and blue to deep pink, purple, red, colorless, or color-zoned. A slight change in the composition can make it into a completely different color. That is the magic of Tourmaline! We love tourmaline because of the offer of color and symbolize unconditioned love and friendship. 

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Morganite:  A clean and simple natural gemstone offers a peachy to pink color, it has grown its popularity since 2010, and now it has become an alternative to diamonds. Morganite attunes to the heart with its gentle pink energy and cleanses emotional stress, anxiety, and old wounds. Morganite was first discovered on an island off Madagascar in the 1910s. We love morganite because of its warm and feminine color; it reminds us of the very first blossom of every spring.

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Aquamarine: The color of the sea, the treasure from the mermaid, and the birthstone of March. Aquamarine offers from a faint hue to deep, vibrant shades of blue. The term aquamarine is the combination of two Latin words. Aqua - means water, and marine - means sea. Together, we translate this natural gemstone into the color of the sea. We love aquamarine because of its clean, pure color and symbolizes protection and fearlessness. 

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Blue London Topaz: A member of the topaz family, blue London topaz is the name of a dark blue topaz with medium to dark tone and saturation; it’s darker than aquamarine, and light than typical blue sapphire. In comparison to the Swiss blue topaz, blue London topaz holds a greater value and market favorite. Worth mentioning, although blue London topaz is naturally made by earth, however, natural topaz is mainly colorless. Most blue topaz in the market today are treated to enhance color. We love blue London topaz because of its pure dark blue tone and symbolizes wisdom and honesty. Oh, and it is the birthstone of December. 

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Tsavorite: A rare member of the garnet family, and a fairly new member of the jewellery industry. Tsavorite is a rich, deep green emerald-colored garnet that is often compared with emerald due to the vivid green color. However, tsavorite is more brilliant, durable, and it is 4x rarer to found than an emerald; And only be found in one place of the earth – Africa. We love tsavorite because of its vivid green color, reminds the color of nature, and symbolizes abundance and rebirth. It is also the birthstone of January. 

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Moissanite: A lab-grown alternative diamond with similar durability, brilliance, and color compared to a natural diamond. Moissanite diamond is one of the most popular engagement ring stones, with its biggest advantage “price”. A moissanite diamond is approximately 1/10 the cost of a natural diamond of equal size and quality; the larger carat weight it goes, the higher value it gets. We love moissanite because of its brilliance, & price, and you always get a bigger stone with less money.

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