Why choose Bellisa?

If you love colorful yet unique jewellery, you are in the right place! Bellisa is all about natural color gemstones; And why should you choose Bellisa? It's simple because we care about our product quality and customers. So, Bellisa only works with the finest material and each piece is ethically handcrafted with love for you only.

Finest quality

The finest quality jewellery for every elegant lady. From our selection of gemstones to casting and crafting each piece, we always pay attention to details. Before we wrap each piece together, we always make sure it is perfectly shiny and free of scratches. We enjoy every process of creating the pieces for you.

We want to make sure every piece crafted by us holds its special value and makes our customers feel the confidence to choose us. All our gemstones have passed the certification test before its set, and we provide jewellery appraisal to certify the jewellery from us. Every solid gold jewellery comes with a lifetime warranty/maintenance as we really stand behind our work.

Fairest price

We believe all women deserve to wear fine jewellery every day and it should be accessible without compromise; That's the only goal we want to achieve. We create the finest-quality jewellery directly from our hands to yours without the 10x markups.

Bellisa Jewellery

First class customer support

We care about your experience with us, and we are always here, to answer & support all your concerns. Just like your best friend, talk to us about anything, we love to hear from you.

One year warranty/maintenance

one year warranty on all wedding engagement rings & one year maintenance on all solid gold jewellery.
One year Craftsmanship Warranty
- Professional ultrasonic cleaning
- Setting tightening
- Small stone replacement
- Surface refinishing
If the issue is due to craftsmanship, Bellisa will cover any repair or replacement fees.

One year Maintenance
- Jewellery inspection
- Professional ultrasonic cleaning
- Jewellery repairs for the quoted price

Stress-Free Resize

We understand it is sometimes hard to pick the correct ring size when shopping online, and we got your back! We offer one-time free ring resize for a perfectly fitting piece within 30 days of delivery date.

Ethically sourced and fair-trade materials

Fairness and equality are important to us when sourcing raw materials. We say NO to any raw material that is sourced under dangerous working conditions, child labor, low wages, and violence.

Peace of Mind Jewellery Appraisal

A certified jewellery appraisal is available for all Wedding & Engagement Rings. The appraisal is done by a Canadian professional jewellery appraise laboratory in Toronto. *Appraisal will add an extra week to dispatch.

Read more about our appraisal service here.